About ChunLab, Inc.

Species Core Genome (SCG)

About ChunLab, Inc.

ChunLab’s Mission Statement:

“Provide the necessary microbiological information
to the specialists and the general public”

About ChunLab, Inc.

ChunLab is a leading bioinformatics company serving researchers and clinicians in the fields of microbiology, microbiome and infectious diseases. It was founded in 2019 by Professor Jon Jongsik Chun at Seoul National University, Korea. ChunLab has received capital investments (20M USD) from leading venture capital and financial institutions as well as major pharmaceutical companies in Korea.

ChunLab is providing:

  • Reference Databases for bacterial taxonomy, 16S marker gene, and bacterial genomes
  • Cloud solution for bacterial identification using 16S and genome sequences
  • Cloud solution for comprehensive microbiome analytics
  • The world’s first genome-based bacterial identification system, named TrueBac ID. This cloud-based solution can identify over 10,000 species with unprecedented accuracy
  • Microbiome monitoring/diagnostics service to hospitals and individuals

About EzBioCloud.net

EzBioCloud is the company’s flagship service including reference database, identification services and bioinformatics for microbiome.

More details are available here.

Last updated on Feb 9,2019