CLgenomics Software

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CLgenomics Software

CLgenomics is a standalone desktop software specifically designed for bacterial genome analysis. This program has a powerful multi-genome browser, which enables rapid and responsive exploration of bacterial genomes.

To use CLgenomics, individual genome data (genome sequences + annotation details) are compiled and saved in a specially formatted file called CLG (ChunLab Genomics). Each CLG file corresponds with one bacterial genome. If multiple genomes are being considered and compared, multiple CLG files are needed. ChunLab offers >40,000 CLG files of publicly available Bacterial and Archaeal genomes.

CLgenomics can be run on MS Windows as well as Apple Mac OSX.

For more information, please visit ChunLab’s website, where the software can be downloaded freely.

Exploration of genome gene functions and comparison of synteny between
different microbial genomes have been simplified.

Generate publication ready genome maps and genome alignments at the
click of a button.

Updated on May 9th, 2016 (EK)