Course: Prokaryotic Taxonomy and Microbiome

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Bacterial Nomenclature 101 and How to Describe a New Species

Course: Prokaryotic Taxonomy and Microbiome

Prokaryotic Taxonomy and Microbiome

This is a collection of articles and resources for prokaryotic taxonomy and microbiome study. This is developed by Jon Jongsik Chun at Seoul National University, and please feel free to use it for your own research or courses you teach.


Prokaryotic Taxonomy




by Jon Jongsik Chun, CEO ChunLab, Inc. & Prof., Seoul National Univ.

Last edited on Nov. 3, 2018





Jon is a scientist & entrepreneur dedicated to developing bioinformatics related to bacterial systematics, genomics, and microbiome. He is a professor at Seoul National Univ. and founder of ChunLab, Inc. He is best known as a creator of EzBioCloud (formerly EzTaxon) database, and recipient of Bergey Award.
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