EzBioCloud Genome Database

MTP (Microbiome Taxonomic Profile)
Taxonomy of Clostridium clusters XIVa and IV

EzBioCloud Genome Database

The EzBioCloud Genome Database is a part of EzBioCloud.net. It is maintained by ChunLab, Inc. to provide best-curated genome database of Bacteria and Archaea. Data sources for the database are NCBI and other public domain (e.g. JGI).

The database has the following features:

  • Taxonomically correct database: all genomes are identified using the TrueBac TM ID service.
  • Quality-controlled: Contamination and low-quality genomes were excluded. All genomes from single cell amplification and metagenome shotgun assembly were excluded unless they are completely sequenced.
  • Taxonomically mislabelled genomes were properly labeled. E.g. NCBI GCA_000720375.1 is not the Rhodococcus rhodnii’s type strain (mislabeled strain). For correct identification, click here and go to “ID” tab.
  • Many cryptic species (species that are not formally described but have genome sequences) were identified and included. E.g., click the genus names to check the cryptic species (as *_s naming)
  • All genomes were annotated using the same standard pipeline. [Learn more]
  • Genome browser is provided to explore genes, CDS etc.
  • You can BLAST-search with any genome.

Please cite the below publication if you use EzBioCloud Genome Database.

  • Yoon, S. H., Ha, S. M., Kwon, S., Lim, J., Kim, Y., Seo, H. and Chun, J. (2017). Introducing EzBioCloud: A taxonomically united database of 16S rRNA and whole genome assemblies. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 67:1613-1617.

Last updated Sep. 7, 2017