[EzEditor2] Installation

[EzEditor2] Working with 16S rRNA sequences

[EzEditor2] Installation

Installation of EzEditor2 and related programs

EzEditor2 is a JAVA program and requires other external programs to run together. Install the followings before running EzEditor2 program.

  • Download the latest version of ezeditor2.jar file from here.
    • For Windows users, copy this file to any directory (We will assume that you install it in C:\ezeditor\).
    • For Mac OSX users, copy this file to any directory (We will assume that you install it in /Applications/ezeditor/).
  • JAVA runtime at //java.com/ko/download/, if you have already installed.
  • Download and install the latest MEGA program from here.
  • Download CLUSTAL-Omega from here.
    • For Windows users, install clustalo.exe file in the same directory as EzEditor2 was installed (C:\ezeditor\).
    • For Mac OSX users, copy clustalo-xxx file to clustalo in the same directory as EzEditor2 was installed /Applications/ezeditor/. Make sure that this file has permission to execute (e.g. execute

      “chmod a+x clustal-omega” in the terminal)

Now, you are ready to start EzEditor2. Start the software by clicking ezeditor2.jar or type in “java -jar ezeditor2.jar” within the terminal mode.

Please check the paths of CLUSTAL-Omega and MEGA program by going to [File->Option]. You can change them using this menu in future.

  • For Windows users,
    • Usual path for MEGA7 is C:\Program Files\MEGA7\MEGA7.exe
    • Usual path for CLUSTAL-Omega is C:\ezeditor\clustalo.exe
  • For Mac OSX users,
    • Usual path for MEGA7 is /Applications/MEGA7.app/Contents/MacOS/WineskinLauncher
    • Usual path for CLUSTAL-Omega is /Applications/ezeditor/clustal-omega

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Last modified on January 8, 2017 (JC)

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