[EzEditor2] Tutorial

[EzEditor2] Working with 16S rRNA sequences
[EzEditor2] Phylogenetic analysis

[EzEditor2] Tutorial


  • What is EzEditor2?
    • EzEditor2 is a nucleotide and amino acid sequence editor that can be used along with EzBioCloud’s Identify and comparative genomics service.
  1. Installation
  2. EzEditor2 data file
  3. Working with 16S rRNA sequences
  4. Working with protein-coding genes
  5. Phylogenetic analysis using EzEditor2
  6. 16S “Identify” Workflow with EzBioCloud.net

EzEditor2 data file

  • EzEditor data files have an extension of *.ezb. This file can be opened by EzEditor2 version 2.0 or higher. The old version of EzEditor program cannot open this type of files.

Last modified on January 12, 2017 (JC)