Lecture: Bacterial taxonomy and diversity

Lecture: Bacterial taxonomy and diversity

By Jon Jongsik Chun, Professor (Seoul National University)

What to learn from:

This lecture is developed to give students at higher level of undergraduate or graduate courses the following concepts:

  • Classical concept of bacterial taxonomy
  • Methods for bacterial classification and identification
  • Bacterial nomenclature
  • Modern bacterial species concept
  • Basic concept and methods of bacterial genomics and evolution
  • Basic concept and methods of metagenomics and microbiome
  • Human microbiome and how to explore it for disease-related studies
  • Natural microbiome and diversity
  • Bioinformatics tools and practicals using the EzBioCloud cloud system

Please note that:

  • This course contains many bioinformatics practicals that do not require special computing skill or hardware.
  • Even though it is called ‘bacterial’, I will also cover the domain Archaea. Together, they are called ‘prokaryotes’.

Content of the lecture

  1. Concept of bacterial taxonomy and systematics
  2. Taxonomy by phenotypic characteristics
  3. Taxonomy by chemical characteristics
  4. Taxonomy by molecular genetic characteristics
  5. Nomenclature
  6. Bacterial species concept
  7. Bacterial genome evolution
  8. Metagenomics and bacterial diversity
  9. Human microbiome and disease
  10. Natural microbiome and diversity