Pan-genome orthologous group table

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Pan-genome orthologous group table

This table contains information about pan-genome orthologous groups (POGs) in a data set.

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Information about this table is provided below:

Title of column Description
Occurrence (/X) The number of genomes in which this POG was found. X=the number of total genomes in the data set. By clicking it, you can browse all CDSs that are included in this POG.
Representative CDS name POG consists of CDSs that are orthologous each other, and a POG should contain at least one CDS. A “representative CDS ” is the first CDS to connect to a POG. Each POG is named with this “representative CDS” instead of some kind of codes. See here for more details about the clustering process in obtaining POGs from CDSs.
Gene synonyms These names are also used in other databases, and was included for the purpose of cross-reference.
EggNog ID Unique ortholog ID of EggNog database  with COG functional categories. This value is also for “representative CDS “, so it may be different from those of other CDSs included in this POG.
KEGG ID Unique ortholog ID of  KEEG database, also of “representative CDS “
Product Translation product of “representative CDS “
Function  Function inferred for “representative CDS “
Note Functional note inferred for “representative CDS “

Updated on May 17th, 2016, (EK)