Creating an MTP set

The best way to create an MTP set (a group of microbiome samples) is to use metadata tags (shortly tags). A tag is a short word that represents a single feature of a sample. An MTP (sample) can be explained as a series of tags. For example, a sample from a 70-year-old, male, non-smoking US citizen who is an obese patient can be labeled by the following tags: [US] [senior] [male][non_smoking][obesity]. Please note that a tag does not contain a blank space character which should be replaced by an underscore (_).

Creating tags

You must create tags before you can apply them to your MTPs. You can do this by opening <Metadata tag manager>.

Open metadata tag manager

  1. Open <Metadata tag manager> by clicking this icon.

Creating metadata tags in

  1. Here, you can add a new tag and choose a color for it.
  2. You can change the color of a tag later.
  3. You can delete any tag later.
  4. These are pre-defined tags provided by the EzBioCloud team. Please use these to maximize the compatibility with the provided public datasets.
  5. When you finish creating or managing tags, click here to go back to the main MTP page.

Attaching the metadata tags to MTPs

After you create tags, it is now time to attach the tag(s) to each MTPs.

Attaching tags to MTPs

Attaching tags to MTPs

  1. This is the Metadata Tag Panel where you can select MTPs using a combination of tag(s).
  2. First, select the MTPs that you want to attach the desired tags. Here, two MTPs (JNY3, JNP4) are selected.
  3. Click [+] at the “tutorial_3” and “urogenital_tract” tags to attach them to the selected MTPs.

Selecting MTPs to create an MTP set

In the below screenshot, only MTPs with the tag “tutorial_3” are selected by checking/selecting “tutorial_3” at the metadata tag panel.

Selecting MTPs using a single tag (“tutorial_3”)

  1. This is the Metadata Tag Panel.
  2. Here, “tutorial_3” is selected.
  3. Only the MTPs with “tutorial_3” are now selected.
  4. Please note that the color-labeled tags are displayed with the designated colors (see the above section on “Creating tags”).
  5. Check this box if you want to unselect all tags.
  6. Search tag(s) using a search word. For example, enter “antibio” to search both “antobiotics+” and “antibiotics+”.

In the below case, two tags (“tutorial_3” and “Cdiff+”) are selected.

Creating an MTP set

  1. Two tags are selected. You can use any combinations of tags.
  2. Check this box to select all MTPs listed by tagging.
  3. Unselect or select an individual MTP.
  4. The number indicates the total number of MTPs selected.
  5. Click this tab to add the selected MTPs to an existing set.
  6. Click this tab to share the selected MTPs with other users.
  7. Click this tab to create an MTP set.

You can name an MTP set as you wish. Just remember that the set names will be used in many visualizations such as charts and scattergrams, so concise and informative names are highly recommended.

The EzBioCloud team / Last edited on Feb. 8, 2019