Starting <Comparative MTP Analyzer>

Microbiome samples, MTPs, are grouped into the sets and compared to find differentially present taxa. EzBioCloud 16S-based MTP app provides several ways of visualization and statistical analyses, under the menu <Comparative MTP Analyzer>. To use this functionality, you must create at least two sets of MTPs in advance [Learn more].

The <Comparative MTP Analyzer> function can be accessed from the <MTP main page>

  1. Click here to open the pull-down menu to go to other services.
  2. Select <Comparative MTP Analyzer>

Choosing MTP sets and the comparative analytics service

You can compare up-to five MTP sets depending on your subscription model [Learn more].

Selecting MTP sets for comparative analysis

  1. Name of MTP set
  2. The version of the taxonomic database. Only sets with the same version of the database can be compared.
  3. Number of MTPs in this set
  4. Select the desired MTP sets. In this example, three sets (CDI, Antibiotics, and Control) are selected.
  5. Select a comparative module.
  6. Then, click [Run] to launch the main <Comparative MTP Analyzer> page.

The order of the “set selection” is important as the sets will be displayed in that order for all subsequent visualization and analyses.

In this example, the order of selection was (1) Control, (2) Antibiotics, then (3) CDI.

The EzBioCloud team / Last edited on Feb. 8, 2019