About TrueBac TM ID

The TrueBac TM ID system is ChunLab’s cloud service for bacterial identification using whole genome sequences. It is designed to give you the true identity of bacterial isolates.

How does  TrueBac ID differ from other bacterial identification systems?

TrueBac ID-Genome uses genome sequence data whereas other bacterial identification systems employ various aspects of phenotypes and genotypes. Because modern bacterial taxonomy defines the species by directly whole comparing genome sequences [Learn more], identification based on genome sequence data is, in theory, always correct and definitive.  All other methods detect various types of partial phenotypic or genotypic patterns in bacterial cells, which can give an incorrect identification or is not able to recognize the novel species. When the genome sequence and other data give conflicting identification results, one should always trust the former, since formal bacterial classification is based on the genome data.

Prerequisites for accurate genome-based bacterial identification

The science behind genome-based bacterial identification is simple. Two conditions are required:

  1. Each known bacterial species has a type strain whose genome sequence has been determined for comparison to other genomes.
  2. If the genome sequence of a bacterial isolate is sufficiently similar to that of the type strain of a known species, then the strain is identified to that species.

For requirement (a), a genome sequence database of type strains should be established. Such a database should contain quality-assured genome sequences that are taxonomically correct.  Also, ideally, it should cover most, if not all, species.

The scientific background of (b) is well established; if the average nucleotide identity (ANI) value between the type strain of a known species and an isolate is ≥ 95~96%, the latter is identified as a strain of the former species [Learn more].

TrueBac TM database consists of highly curated, quality-controlled genome and 16S sequences of type and reference strains, that cover most clinically and commercially important bacterial species.

TrueBac TM DB

TrueBac TM DB is the ChunLab’s proprietary database of 16S gene, core genes and whole genome sequences of type and reference strains [Learn more] and used by “TrueBac ID-Genome and “TrueBac ID-16S services.

Databases operated by ChunLab, Inc.

EzBioCloud DB TrueBac TM DB
Data sources Public domain Public domain + in-house generated data
Curation Semi-automated curation Extensive manual curation
Quality-control Quality-controlled Quality-controlled
Update Quarterly Monthly
Contents All available genome sequences (excluding metagenomic assemblies) Taxonomically relevant genome and 16S sequences
 Services EzBioCloud 16S Identify
(Free for academia/non-profilt)
TrueBac TM ID-16S for 16S-based ID
TrueBac TM ID-Genome for genome-based ID
Usages Academic study
    • Clinical diagnostics (for research use only)
    • QC in the manufacturing process
  • Taxonomic validation of industrially important strains (e.g., probiotics, patented strains)

At present, TrueBac DB contains over qualified whole genome data for 9,400 species/sub-species, which have been subject to stringent quality-control, and manually curated and taxonomically validated (taxonomic authenticity was checked).  TrueBac TM ID-Genome is the only identification system that can provide the identification for over 9,400 bacterial species with almost perfect accuracy.

The EzBioCloud team / Last edited on April 24, 2018