TrueBac TM ID Service Types

TrueBac TM ID system for bacterial identification is provided as either API (Application Programming Interface), cloud or appliance.

UsageThe service can be integrated into users’ existing pipelinesA user can upload 16S/genome data and browse the results using the web interface at service can be integrated into users’ existing pipelines
Installation of the systemAmazon cloudAmazon cloudOn-premises
with provided H/W
AvailabilityAvailable for beta-testing/free trialAvailable for beta-testing/free trialPlease contact us at

TrueBac ID by subscription or using vouchers

TrueBac ID service can be provided as a subscription or using vouchers. The below video tutorial will show you how to use a voucher to carry out an identification using TrueBac ID-Genome. To get a voucher or for a free trial, please contact

Input data types

TrueBac TM ID system takes either sequence of contigs (after assembly) or raw NGS data.

ManufacturersModelsAssembled contigsRaw NGS data
IlluminaAll modelsFASTA/JSONFASTQ
Pacific BiosciencesAll modelsFASTA/JSONUnder testing
Thermo Fisher ScientificAll modelsFASTA/JSONUnder testing
Oxford nanoporeAll modelsFASTA/JSONUnder testing

For a test drive, please contact us at

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